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Service for car batteries in Anchorage

Auto Electric Sales & Service is dedicated to meeting all of your car battery, starter and alternator needs. For expert assistance that's offered at affordable rates, please contact us today.

Help with car batteries

At Auto Electric Sales & Service, we know how you depend on your car or truck — after all, your vehicle is the way you get to work, pick up your kids and much more. However, we also understand that if your car battery isn't working well, your vehicle won't perform as needed. 

If you're experiencing any issues with your vehicle battery, turn to us right away for service. We can quickly assess the situation to see why your battery is ailing, and we're able to efficiently replace it to get you back on the road again as soon as possible!

Offering alternator assistance

Is the battery in your vehicle in great condition, yet it still has trouble holding a charge? The Auto Electric Sales & Service team has encountered this situation in the past, so we know that it's possible your alternator might be behind this problem.

Once our diagnostics have confirmed that you are indeed having alternator issues, we'll let you know what options are available in your case. When it comes to alternators, we can handle everything from repairs to replacement.

Standout starter services

The very last thing you want is to turn your key to start your car, only for the engine to stay dead. But if your starter is malfunctioning, that's just what can happen.

Fortunately, Auto Electric Sales & Service is the answer if you need starter analysis and/or repairs. Plus we offer great rates! Please call us today for service, or if you'd like more information.
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